Three wheels for the price of two


About Us
At BuyTricycle we are a family run business, from answering emails and phone calls to building, shipping and all the other bits that run a business! We all have our specialities and one of those is building bicycles & tricycles, so if you choose to order your tricycle ready built, you will not be disappointed with how well it has been put together! Rest assured if you order from us you will receive not only a great tricycle but also great customer service and after-care help (should you need it), we answer all emails within hours! (9am-6pm) and sometimes after 6pm! So you really do receive our extra time. We look forward to your custom and getting you on the road with 3 wheels!

We first started selling tricycles after unsuccessfully trying to buy a good quality trike for a reasonable cost, after failing to do so, we thought others must be having the same problem. We located some quality suspension tricycles and they literally flew off the shelf, with loads of happy customers and we haven't stopped since.